Whether you want to teach yoga or simply grow your practice, Yoga Teacher Training IS the Journey to take! 


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New 2019/2020 dates!  Registration now open.


Complete all 12 weekends for 200 hour certification OR

Complete  6 months of  Vinyasa Training beginning October 19/20 2019  and Yin & Therapeutics Training beginning April 18/19 2020

In this 200 hour comprehensive Canadian Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher training you will learn how to teach the Vinyasa method of yoga practice. The format includes meeting one weekend each  month of the year while at home developing a regular practice. The training offers an intelligent sequence of postures that can be ordered according to time restrictions as well as suit your energy level and desired result. With this practice as your foundation for your teaching practice, the training will also teach you:

  • sun salutations in depth and how to teach them skillfully
  • how to modify poses
  • how to intensify poses
  • how and why to workshop poses and their transitions
  • how to stage poses from most accessible to most challenging and how to know the stage you should practice at
  • hands on assists
  • the importance of breath to uplift and energize or calm and find ease
  • how to specifically language poses
  • how to use music in classes
  • understand the energetic theme of each of the 7 sequences
  • understand the energetic theme and teaching behind each pose
  • how to teach a variety of classes with good time management skills
  • how to connect with students, build them up and earn their trust and confidence
  • understand the importance of meditation and how to practice mindfulness and develop a personal practice

 In addition to the foundation in Vinyasa Yoga, an extensive study of Yin & Therapeutic Yoga is provided under this certification. This gives a teacher a broader skill set and helps to make Yoga classes increasingly accessible for all ages and levels of ability. This section can be completed as part of the 200 hour certification or as a stand alone certification. 

Topics covered include:

  • A thorough description of of 26 Yin Yoga Poses
  • How to adapt them for greater ease
  • Variations to work at the next stages of the poses
  • The use of Props including Yoga straps, Blocks, Bolsters and Blankets
  • Hands on assists
  • How to sequence a class intelligently
  • How to weave themes and teachings within an individual pose and class
  • Yin Yoga Philosophy
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Breath work
  • Meditation

Our teachers have taken numerous training’s and can fully appreciate what is most rewarding for both new teachers and those seeking to continue their education in yoga. We invite you to contact us, speak with former graduates, and meet with us to further help you understand that this is a quality training of the highest standard.

We encourage you to make this training a reality. Contact Dillon through email   for registration and  payment. 

Our intention is to ensure that every student is successful in following their passion to LOVE LIFE, DO YOGA.

Next 200 Hour Teacher Training

2018/2019 Dates

NEW 2019/2020 Dates

Beginning of Vinyasa Training

October 20/21 October 19/20
November 10/11 November 16/17
December 8/9 December 14/15
January 12/13 January 18/19
February 9/10 February 22/23
March 2/3 March 14/15

Beginning of Yin & Therapeutics Training

April 13/14 April 18/19
May 11/12 May 16/17
June 8/9 June 13/14
July 13/14 July 11/12
August 10/11 August 15/16
September 14/15 September 12/13


Teacher training is located at 23 Richfield Ave.

Classes run from 8:30am – 3:30pm
Tuition $2799.00 plus GST for 200 hr certification, $1399.50 plus GST  for Yin Yoga Training (includes Training Manual)


Payments of $233.25 plus GST for 12 months may be made with written agreement.


($500 non-refundable deposit secures your space in the training.) Remainder is due before the start of each level. Once training has commenced, there are no refunds.



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