Plans for New Retreat in progress TBA!!! 

Bowspring and Body Rolling Workshop

In the Bowspring practice we will learn to embody an alignment template that puts in reverse the postural tendencies that play out as a result of prolonged sitting. Learn about how to precisely activate your body in poses that teach the ergonomics of lifting, lowering, sitting, standing, and even arm balancing so you don’t have lower back issues.
Our Body rolling practice offers stimulus to the areas in our body that are stuck, preventing the healthy, functional movement needed in the Bowspring practice.
The effect of these combined practices reaches beyond just the physical and ripples a mental emotional benefit as well. What is felt is immediate, presenting in feelings of radiant joy, optimism, self reliance and personal accountability.

Stay tuned… New Dates TBA

Investment: $50.

Location:  Parlour Room of St Boniface Hospital 431 Tache * free parking in adjoining parking lot

For more information or to Register Contact Dillon  at


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