Liane CherrettLiane attended her first yoga class almost 20 years ago and not only did it effect her deeply, but inspired her to become a Yoga Teacher. In 2001, Liane began her formal training. She has continued to travel and study with the world’s finest teachers including an apprenticeship with Shiva Rea in Los Angeles. Her certification with Shiva culminated with the completion of Prenatal Yoga training, Yoga therapy, and Yoga for Mom’s and Babies.
In 2009 she embarked on the greatest journey of all: Motherhood. She has come to deeply understand that the Yoga that is practiced on the mat is simply a tool to embody patience, loving-kindness, presence, and a compassion based wisdom needed as a parent. Liane is often found in yoga poses around the house with babies and toddlers crawling around, below and, her favourite, on top of her! She invites you to come and enjoy the amazing benefits that yoga offers.