Dillon Cherrett

Dillon grew up playing multiple sports at a high level and trained extensively to improve his performance. This training led him to Yoga as a means to improve flexibility, and develop focus. What he found was more than simply a method of cross-training, but a lifestyle.

His passion for sports and athletics eventually brought him to Edmonton, where he studied massage therapy and did body work for the Edmonton Oilers. He has trained many professional athletes since, improving their overall fitness with yoga. His success now as a teacher and studio director has made him even more passionate about his own yoga practice, leading him worldwide to study with the masters.

Currently, Dillon owns Source Yoga where he offers regular Yoga classes, workshops, and Teacher Trainings. He can also be booked for yoga privates and bodywork. His audio classes in 3 different styles of Yoga are also available for sale.

Educational Bio: Dillon has been practicing Yoga for 21 years and has done extensive teacher training in multiple styles of Yoga including; Sridaiva Yoga, Anusara Yoga, Yin Yoga, Prana Vinyasa Flow, Power Yoga and Moksha Hot Yoga. His teaching style ranges from Beginner to Advanced and helps students progress regardless of their limitations. He is professionally trained as a Massage Therapist (Grant MacEwen College Edmonton 2001), a Yoga Teacher Trainer (Y Yoga Vancouver 2008) and Thai Massage (Thailand 2004).

Love life. Do yoga.