Thai Massage Certification

Each day we practice the techniques of Thai Massage, in a holistic, energy conscious environment, that proves therapeutic for our bodies, minds and hearts.  We develop a skillful, healing touch, compassioned by our client’s limits, while motivated by pure intention.  With the manual provided by this training, we focus on specific areas of the body each day and refine our technique with supervision and feedback.

This is a great opportunity to develop healing capacities as well as broaden your ability to bring wellness into your communities.  Our graduates continue to thrive, with ever growing clientele, while doing what they love.

2019 Dates:

January 26, 27

February 23, 24

March 30, 31

April 27, 28

May 18, 19

June 22, 23

Times: 9:00am-3:30pm

Investment:  $1399.50

Registration: Contact Dillon at