Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2021-03-02T00:38:56+00:00
How do I get started on my yoga teacher journey?2017-11-19T02:09:59+00:00

Its simple. Email Dillon at or submit the online application form found here. Dillon will be in contact with you once he receives your request.

Do I need to be fit or flexible to do yoga teacher training?2017-11-19T02:06:58+00:00

The short answer is no. Our new students all enter at different levels of fitness, flexibility or strength. We encourage you to start where you are and go at your own pace. It will simply be a matter of days until you are feeling more confident in class.  This is your space to rediscover everything you are and everything you can be.

Do I need to be interested in teaching?2021-01-19T16:42:16+00:00

This program will qualify you to be an inspiring, safe and effective teacher. However, we also have many students who enroll solely for their own personal development. Tools learned during this program will enable you to gain greater fulfillment from your yoga practice and your life.

Am I good enough/flexible enough/old enough/too young?2017-11-19T02:03:34+00:00

Yoga Teacher Training is for anyone who has experienced the profound benefits yoga can bring to one’s life and wants to experience more of these benefits physically, philosophically, and emotionally. It is for all ages, all levels and all abilities.

How many hours a day is the teacher training?2017-11-19T02:01:54+00:00

The course day starts at 8:30am and finishes at 3:30pm with an hour for lunch.

Why 300 hours instead of 200 hours?2017-11-19T01:59:44+00:00

A 300 hour program raises the bar as a foundational teacher training program. It also positions you to add to a 200 hour training course. We at Source Yoga believe that learning multi-styles of yoga so that you can serve a wider range of students.

Do I need to attend every day?2017-11-19T01:56:56+00:00