Advanced 300 hour Certification designed for 200hr Certified teachers, counting towards 500hrs & Health Care Practitioners

Become an expert!

Distinguish yourself from the thousands of novice instructors & practitioners out there while you increase your income, knowledge, and status in the world of yoga & therapeutics with our 300 hour continuing education training for yoga instructors, body-based practitioners and Health Care Professionals. 

Join Leslee Watt  & Dillon Cherrett and learn gold standard teaching techniques in the arenas of advanced & therapeutic yoga. The training will be two parts combining the complimentary knowledge and expertise of your teachers. 

After taking this training you will know how and when to:

  • Implement innovative methods in therapeutic exercise, movement medicine, and neuroscience into your classes.
  • Offer specific breathing, meditation, and relaxation techniques, based on scientific research and proven studies.
  • Address chronic issues in your student population including low back pain, neck & shoulder tension, and poor posture.
  • Confidently deliver educated answers to all of your students’ questions.
  • Create skillful sequences based on sound therapeutic and neurodevelopmental principals that allow your students to progress safely.
  • Customize practices for safe and effective one-on-one delivery.
  • Apply advanced physiological facts that will allow you to curate expertly crafted classes and workshops.
  • Implement cutting edge concepts such as the Polyvagal Theory and Trauma Informed practices.
  • Ask the right questions to rule out red flags and warning signs that your student may need intervention above and beyond what yoga has to offer.


Advanced topics include:

– The Art and Science of Relaxation

– Therapeutic & Pain-relieving Movement Patterns

– Addressing The Mighty Psoas Muscle

– Untangling the Multitude of Meditation Methods

– The Physiology of Intelligent Sequencing

– Pranayama: How, when, and why

– “The Big 6”: The six major muscle groups EVERY body needs to release

– Dynamic Practices for a Balanced Nervous System

Additionally, the focus for this training is an advanced system of alignment, therapeutic in nature, applicable in every pose for every body.

Topics include:
  • How to teach the General Form of 68 different Hatha Yoga poses.(Including inversions and Hand Balances)
  • Modifications and Variations for each
  • Assists that inform the body how to activate the therapeutic alignment strategies.
  • How to teach the Universal Alignment as compared to only the General Form of a pose.
  • The proper use of yoga props so they become teaching tools and not crutches.
  • Muscular Energy & Organic Energy
  • The 7 Energy loops of the body
  • The Inner and Outer Spiral of Alignment
  • Energy Locks (The Bandhas)
  • Pranayamas (breathwork)
  • Meditation
  • Kundalini Yoga and the Chakras
  • How to Language your classes to become more clear and concise.
  • Templates for balanced and creative class sequencing.
  • How to teach multi level classes.
  • How to read a class and connect with the heart of your students.
  • How to implement Intention in the alignment of the poses.
  • How to get your students to breathe in their poses.
  • How to teach Savasana so it becomes your favourite pose.
  • Partner work and Thai Yoga Massage.


Teacher Training Dates


Training is delivered online over 9 months  meeting twice a month.

2021/2022 Dates

Sept. 25, 26 2021

Oct. 9, 10

       23, 24

Nov. 6, 7

        20, 21

Dec. 4, 5

         18, 19

Jan. 1, 2 2022  


         29, 30

Feb. 12, 13

         26, 27

March 12, 13


April 9, 10

        23, 24

May 7, 8

        14, 15

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Tuition is $4275.00 plus GST for 300 hr certification. 

Tuition can be paid in monthly instalments. Flexible payment structure is available to make this investment affordable.


Contact Dillon for payment information and to confirm registration.