Whether you want to teach yoga or simply grow your practice, Yoga Teacher Training IS the Journey to take! 


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Contact Dillon for payment information and to confirm registration. 

Training offered once a month over 12 months. Complete all 12 weekends for 200 hour certification. Scroll down for New 2021/2022 Training Dates beginning September 2021.

*Currently all session online through Zoom.

Beginning the week of September 18, 2021, I will be offering online (until conditions allow) a 12 month, Yoga Alliance recognized, Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training.

Meeting one weekend a month, we will develop a foundational knowledge of this method leading to a powerful personal practice as well as the skills to teach it publicly.

Whether for personal growth, or to fulfill the goal of teaching yoga to others, this training has so much to offer. 

Included in this foundational training will be an in depth study of:

• Intelligent sequencing
• Energetic Themes for sequences (eg. Presence, Grounding, Rejuvenation, Opening, etc.)
• The 5 foundational Pillars of Practice (Ujjai Breath, Tapas, Vinyasa, Drishti, Bandhas)
• How to design a practice to fit your schedule
• How to do the poses, including modifications, general form and more advanced stages.
• Hands on assists
• How to teach/language poses and sequences.
• The Spiritual Focus of the Sequences
• The 7 most common mental mistakes in Yoga Practice and how to avoid them
• In Depth Breathwork, Meditation and Energy Centering Practices.


Our teachers have taken numerous training’s and can fully appreciate what is most rewarding for both new teachers and those seeking to continue their education in yoga. We invite you to contact us, speak with former graduates, and meet with us to further help you understand that this is a quality training of the highest standard.

We encourage you to make this training a reality. Contact Dillon through email   for registration and  payment. 

Our intention is to ensure