Yoga Privates

Yoga Privates are basically a one on one Yoga class designed to help you where you need it most. As Teachers we can best assess what needs strengthening and how to best lengthen muscles that are contributing to imbalances in the body. In addition to getting the time and attention of the private lesson you receive a home practice that will help to improve what the session addressed as priority. This home program comes with a compilation C.D. that best suits the flow of the practice to best transport you into that peace of Yoga.

These sessions have been very beneficial for those who:

  • Are hoping to gain a deeper understanding of yoga and progress in their postures.
  • Appreciate the hands on assistance we offer to guide you safely into a better posture.
  • Want to work on a specific challenge in their body. (from stiffness to weight loss)
  • Want to learn how to use props and bolsters to make their practice more accessible.
  • Wish to develop a home practice for the days they can’t make it to the studio.
  • Prefer addressing issues in a one on one setting with confidentiality.
  • Aren’t comfortable attending a public class.

We require that you book ahead either calling 880-YOGA(9642) or emailing Dillon.

Massage and Reiki

We also offer Thai Massage and Reiki Sessions. Thai Massage is very effective at making you much more flexible while releasing tension from your body. Wearing comfortable yoga clothes you are put through a series of passive stretches and massage techniques that release the stresses of daily life and take you to a new level of physical comfort.

Reiki sessions balance your energy and bring you the mental and emotional peace that is essential to be healthy and thrive. Your body rests clothed on a massage table, while we rest our hands on or above your body. Aligning with the sincere intention to heal, you feel your tensions lift while light takes its place.

Sessions are typically:

Outbound classes, privates and massage 60 min. for $100
Inbound privates and massage 60 min. for $75