(classes are accessible to all levels of students)

Mindfulness Based Practices:

Restorative Yoga:
This class emphasizes the relaxation benefits of Yoga. Suitable for all levels, regular attendance leads to improved flexibility and relief of physical tension and pain. All poses are done on the back or abdomen and are customized to work at your unique level of flexibility. The end result is deep relaxation and physical recovery, improved sleep, and a mind for meditation. Props are provided to ensure safety and maximum comfort.

Yin Yoga:
In this class you will be guided into a variety of postures that work to dramatically improve your physical flexibility. Practiced on your back, abdomen, or in a seated position, poses are held for a longer period of time with individual instruction to use yoga props so you never experience any pain. Breathing practices and meditation techniques will be introduced to enhance your ability to retain the benefits which include a tension free body and mind.

Yoga Therapeutics:

In these Yin Yoga classes, additional efforts will be made to release muscle tension employing a specialized ball rolling technique. The practice will ensure therapeutic benefit, releasing physical pain and discomfort, greatly improving flexibility, while developing strategies that can be practiced at home. The studio provides the Body Rolling balls, which can be inflated or deflated to ensure proper pressure with each treatment, customizing the practice to meet individual needs. As a result, the Yin Yoga poses become much more accessible and participants learn how to do the techniques on their own.

(Balls can be purchased at the studio $35 each)

These classes are ideal for those with soreness/stiffness in their:

  • Neck and Shoulders
  • Hamstrings
  • Lower Back
  • Upper Back
  • Hips (Glutes)
  • Hip Flexors
  • Feet

Mindful Meditation:
This class offers a gentle yoga practice serving to relieve tension and create ease in the body. This restorative practice is paired with a series of guided mindfulness meditation techniques. The practice of mindfulness brings a deep stillness that is profoundly relaxing and healing.

Basic Alignment:
This class offers the alignment foundation for all Yoga postures. Techniques are taught to optimally position the body, increasing strength, flexibility, balance, and body awareness. Working in this method will help to correct postural misalignments that contribute to patterns of stress and tension. These classes offer a Neutral postural alignment and are based on the Anusara method of yoga developed by John Friend.

Bowspring Essentials:
In this class we take posture alignment to the next level. By focusing on techniques that build good posture the emphasis is less on perfect poses and more on your posture in the poses. It is very therapeutic in nature and builds tremendous back body strength and awareness to better support the natural curves of the spine. By aligning the body in this way we provide tension/pain relief especially for the lower back as well as the neck and shoulders. Our goal is to develop postural integrity that promotes optimal heath and a positive attitude. The method is based on Sridaiva Yoga which was developed by John Friend and Desi Springer.


Movement Based Practices:

Power Flow:
Power Vinyasa Yoga is an invigorating, powerful, energetic form of yoga where participants move or “flow” from pose to pose while connecting their breath to movement.